Bending Light

by Tactus

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"Bending Light" is the first full-length album from Canadian progressive outfit Tactus. It takes the listener on a ten-song journey through the themes of love, loss, and internal conflict, while exploring several musical styles that intertwine with the band's fast and heavy sound.

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released October 7, 2016

Produced by Adrian Barnes, Rodney DuPlessis, and Tactus.

Edited, mixed, and mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Engineered by Adrian Barnes in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with Rodney DuPlessis and Ben MacLean. Vocal editing by Rodney DuPlessis.

All songs composed and performed by Tactus.

Guest performances:
Walking bass on "Feast or Famine" by Jeff Barnes.
First guitar solo on "Goliath" by Didier Archambault of Cardinals Pride.
Vocals on "Cardinal" by Raquel MacLean.
Ebow guitar on "King of the Sky" by Jacob Mead.

Additional composition and arrangement by Rodney DuPlessis.

Booklet design and artwork by Matt Brooks.


all rights reserved



Tactus Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tactus is an ECMA nominated progressive metal band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Their newest single Fade was released Dec 2018. They also have several other releases also available on Bandcamp.

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Track Name: Aurora
Behold! An or aura
An era of dreams unfolds
We are born of light
Anew does the heart of this old world beat for you 
The darkness is apart from me
Our conflict ends
Creating a new start for me

But shadows never rest until we're gone
The darkness is a part of me

So, have we forgot our place
In this void that we’ve claimed as our own with your guidance now
Expose: show me what the veil you provide has concealed

We are at the dawn of a golden age
Lighting the blackest sky
An aurora that's as bright as day

Crossing a distance once thought unattainable
Breaking down the barriers once erected by ourselves

Unfailingly, illuminated forms will cast a shadow
Perpetually, as we move and glow the darkness always follows
What have you concealed?
What is this disguised by your power?
It hid behind the sun
And brought us to our end

It came across a universal light
And plunged the world into an endless night

As the final breath leaves the body
A spectre all you allow remain
There is a shell
A ghost of what I was before
Before the shade enclosed my soul

Reaching inward, seeking a strength once unknown
I can feel it striving to wake my soul
Faint though it is
And alone, it is the sole glimmer of hope
That we can yet shape our fate

The fight will never end until I’m gone 
The darkness is a part of me
Track Name: Scimitar
Oh, blank stares at an open sky
Searching for stars that could calm my flickering mind
Struggle like I've never faced
Meeting this conscience, an empty slate
Oh, the conflict of fight or flight
Water taking to mirror
Ripples open hearts to be clearer
I wish I'd known you before the way I see you today
The lingering scent of her skin drawing me back
Draws me to heights that I've never been
Fallen to this void once again
Endless space of a mind to wander in
Solace a breath away
While temptation may keep me

Reality: a thing to be feared
In this, a frame of weakened senses
The fleeting touch of hands
So cold against my own, yet significant in design
If I am to lose myself
Let me remember this
The beauty in the rarest of things

Water taking to mirror
Ripples open hearts to be clearer
I wish I'd known you before the way I see you today
The lingering scent of her skin drawing me back
Draws me to heights that I've never been

She’s taking me back
To a place I’ve never been or will be again
Track Name: All Roads
I had always wandered this road alone
An angel took my hand
Showed me a light I'd never known
Fear faded
Never far from where I lay my head

So shadows would creep inside and taint the guiding light
And veil my eyes in the black of night

Now this darkness abound
Would show me things I should never have found
Now underground, malice drowned by deafening sound
Wearing rage for a crown

You dare walk this road by my side
When every road you walked before could never match my stride
You carve a scar on every path left behind

Illusion takes hold, pulls a shade over my eyes
Deception illuminating a flame fed by false pride
How could something so sullied walk the humble path before me
And yet appear as something pure that adores me?
What could you want from me?
Why do you taunt my soul?
What do you stand to gain
By showing me light and then taking it away?
This can't be truth
It makes no sense

It is my own failings blocking the light
There is only love in your eyes
Track Name: Feast or Famine
The pen is mightier than the sword
A false hope endorsed
If you sever the head of the author

The most violent artistry
Nothing more than words

Perception designing feast or famine for the masses
We will show you the strength of our numbers
No more pulling of strings
We were left to starve
Aching emptiness my only friend

A crown for a conscience
A vacant heart

Back breaker
Oh, how the mighty shall fall
This feast and this famine is ours

Pernicious intentions
Our labours directed
Callouses for deflection
Track Name: Colossus
This is a haunting
The likes of which I’ve never known
Monsters of past are present's ghosts
Singularity consuming all I know
And what I've yet to behold

I am alive, a product of your casting

The skin on your hands begins to crack and bleed
Blink and a lifetime has passed

What have I become?
Matter beyond recognition
Nothing more, nothing less

Wide eyed, witnessing waterfalls
Unprecedented floods of discoveries when giants fall

A spectacle of particles colliding

A collision colossus, and nothing all the same

I am an atom being split 
The harder I pull
The less control I have over which half submits

What have I become?
Matter beyond recognition
Nothing more, nothing less
Track Name: Goliath
This is the coldest of winters
I've woken to an aching heart again
Fissures split the surface of my soul
No mortar to mend the gap you've left behind

The structures of my mind are crumbling down
Only she could save me

I see you everywhere
It hurts to know that you're not really there

Breathless, I struggle for air
The strain is more than I can bare
Grasping for something more
An answer that was never there before
I'm trapped in this void, dancing with despair

Shadows and ghosts
The earth stood still
I watch for ripples in the air
Fluctuations that make me feel like you're still there

We've come a long way, but have a long way to go
I'll see you in the summer if the sun could melt the snow

This is the coldest of winters
I thought you should know
You're the warmth in this frigid stone

I reach for you, like sifting through the sand
I reach for you, you slip right through my hands

They say life is just an act of letting go
I won't bend to their will or stray from what I know
My hands are empty but she never fades away

Such is the concept of such physical frailty
Occupying strength immaterial
Beyond one
Track Name: Cardinal
Blinding white
Stranded, I'm lost in the storm
My mind drifts with the snow
As we fall together
Visions failing to darkness
I can't believe this is reality

From deserts, to seas, to mountain peaks
I'll dream you are with me
Warmth in a land that wants us gone
I won't yield to the cold 
Or the pairing it fails to find in cardinal
For I am a soldier of Rome
A titan of my own

Dearly departed, the concept of living
Survival so much less forgiving
I'm dying to find you
I'm dying to let this go

My blood boils in this frozen place

I will not give in to the cold
Or the pairing it fails to find in cardinal
For I am a soldier of Rome
A titan of my own
I will not yield

From deserts, to seas, to mountain peaks
I’ll dream you are with me
Warmth in a land that wants us gone
I won't yield to the cold
Or the pairing failed to find in cardinal
Track Name: Red and Ivory
Watching you descend the dunes awakened my heart
Red and ivory: the colour of your undying art

As we walk the shore
They all flock to adore
Each with a song and wings
None as graceful as yours

But with the night came in the tide
So strong that I was drowning all the same
It was on an unfamiliar shore
That I remembered I could swim, and what for

Paradise is anywhere that I can gaze upon her
But all those star-filled nights
Couldn’t keep my head above the water

The shallow or the deep
I’ll give in and then drift in sleep

You are the only island that I need to find
And the one horizon that provides a line

Paradise is where we've found each other
And all my life, I will live to love her
Track Name: King of the Sky
Take flight! 
Raise a wing and cut the open sky
Defy the earth and its orbit and its hold
Break the reins of old
And live the dreams of those who can't grow
And the servants of all the world's woes
Whose soles will never leave the ground

I will soar above all this hell and despair
Of those bound to the earth

From a vantage of a god I see
I see the bending light
I see it all and my perspective grants the paradigm
Not one of them could cause my fall

I turn a blind eye without regret
Raise a wing and live euphoria in the air
Let the wind carry me away
Live my life on the wing, chasing day

Evading sunset
I will forever know its warmth
My light is limitless
No boundary hindering the light surrounding me

Freedom above, nothing below

Now before me a tower appears
Manifested by the void I made so clear and free of all fear
Blind eyes toward the pressure
And now a storm is brewing right at the tips of my wings
Taking hold, the dark controls everything under its shadow

I see the bending light
Silver linings evanesce in flight
Horizon has faded with the night

I give in
Feel the storm taking over
In a tail spin, I’m already gone
Wings failing
The inevitable setting in
I relinquish all control

Seal my fate
My glorious flight comes crashing down
This is the end of everything I felt while soaring over ground

Falling, I feel a pull and then a calling
Something at my finger tips
Someone reaches for my hand
Grasping from disorder
Something's giving me a fighting chance
Something deep inside has found my strength again
Something deep inside can take me home
I regain control and fly my way right out of the storm

Gliding away, warmth of the sun on my skin
Chasing the day, wondering where it began
What have you concealed?
What is this disguised by your power?
Hidden behind the sun
It came and brought this to an end

Now I see the storm rose from inside of me
I am my own worst enemy

The sky is inside of me
Flying away wont hide my pain
Darkness is a part of me

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