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Behold! An or aura
An era of dreams unfolds
We are born of light
Anew does the heart of this old world beat for you 
The darkness is apart from me
Our conflict ends
Creating a new start for me

But shadows never rest until we're gone
The darkness is a part of me

So, have we forgot our place
In this void that we’ve claimed as our own with your guidance now
Expose: show me what the veil you provide has concealed

We are at the dawn of a golden age
Lighting the blackest sky
An aurora that's as bright as day

Crossing a distance once thought unattainable
Breaking down the barriers once erected by ourselves

Unfailingly, illuminated forms will cast a shadow
Perpetually, as we move and glow the darkness always follows
What have you concealed?
What is this disguised by your power?
It hid behind the sun
And brought us to our end

It came across a universal light
And plunged the world into an endless night

As the final breath leaves the body
A spectre all you allow remain
There is a shell
A ghost of what I was before
Before the shade enclosed my soul

Reaching inward, seeking a strength once unknown
I can feel it striving to wake my soul
Faint though it is
And alone, it is the sole glimmer of hope
That we can yet shape our fate

The fight will never end until I’m gone 
The darkness is a part of me


from Bending Light, released October 7, 2016



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Tactus Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tactus is a five piece progressive metal band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. BENDING LIGHT (October 7th 2016) is their first full length album, and is preceded by two EPs also available on Bandcamp.

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