King of the Sky

from by Tactus



Take flight! 
Raise a wing and cut the open sky
Defy the earth and its orbit and its hold
Break the reins of old
And live the dreams of those who can't grow
And the servants of all the world's woes
Whose soles will never leave the ground

I will soar above all this hell and despair
Of those bound to the earth

From a vantage of a god I see
I see the bending light
I see it all and my perspective grants the paradigm
Not one of them could cause my fall

I turn a blind eye without regret
Raise a wing and live euphoria in the air
Let the wind carry me away
Live my life on the wing, chasing day

Evading sunset
I will forever know its warmth
My light is limitless
No boundary hindering the light surrounding me

Freedom above, nothing below

Now before me a tower appears
Manifested by the void I made so clear and free of all fear
Blind eyes toward the pressure
And now a storm is brewing right at the tips of my wings
Taking hold, the dark controls everything under its shadow

I see the bending light
Silver linings evanesce in flight
Horizon has faded with the night

I give in
Feel the storm taking over
In a tail spin, I’m already gone
Wings failing
The inevitable setting in
I relinquish all control

Seal my fate
My glorious flight comes crashing down
This is the end of everything I felt while soaring over ground

Falling, I feel a pull and then a calling
Something at my finger tips
Someone reaches for my hand
Grasping from disorder
Something's giving me a fighting chance
Something deep inside has found my strength again
Something deep inside can take me home
I regain control and fly my way right out of the storm

Gliding away, warmth of the sun on my skin
Chasing the day, wondering where it began
What have you concealed?
What is this disguised by your power?
Hidden behind the sun
It came and brought this to an end

Now I see the storm rose from inside of me
I am my own worst enemy

The sky is inside of me
Flying away wont hide my pain
Darkness is a part of me


from Bending Light, released October 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Tactus Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tactus is a five piece progressive metal band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. BENDING LIGHT (October 7th 2016) is their first full length album, and is preceded by two EPs also available on Bandcamp.

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