from by Tactus



For Janet Kerr


This is the coldest of winters
I've woken to an aching heart again
Fissures split the surface of my soul
No mortar to mend the gap you've left behind

The structures of my mind are crumbling down
Only she could save me

I see you everywhere
It hurts to know that you're not really there

Breathless, I struggle for air
The strain is more than I can bare
Grasping for something more
An answer that was never there before
I'm trapped in this void, dancing with despair

Shadows and ghosts
The earth stood still
I watch for ripples in the air
Fluctuations that make me feel like you're still there

We've come a long way, but have a long way to go
I'll see you in the summer if the sun could melt the snow

This is the coldest of winters
I thought you should know
You're the warmth in this frigid stone

I reach for you, like sifting through the sand
I reach for you, you slip right through my hands

They say life is just an act of letting go
I won't bend to their will or stray from what I know
My hands are empty but she never fades away

Such is the concept of such physical frailty
Occupying strength immaterial
Beyond one


from Bending Light, released October 7, 2016



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Tactus Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tactus is a five piece progressive metal band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. BENDING LIGHT (October 7th 2016) is their first full length album, and is preceded by two EPs also available on Bandcamp.

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