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Nicolas RESSOT Tiens, c'est l'heure du thé ! (on se poile !) Blague à part, nous avons là un terrible album de metal prog mélodique aux influences post-core, et même, avec quelquefois une petite incursion d'influences sud américaines. Bref, à part un peu trop de propreté, il doit bien y avoir un défaut !? Faut voir... Favorite track: Ridges.
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This is Tactus' first official independent release, featuring new and old music mixed and mastered by Gino Matheson and Justin Hill. Download package includes digital CD booklet, and full guitar and bass tablature for every song.




released June 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Tactus Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tactus is a five piece progressive metal band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. BENDING LIGHT (October 7th 2016) is their first full length album, and is preceded by two EPs also available on Bandcamp.

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Track Name: The Dirigible
[The Showman]
Step right up and lend me your ear
I have exactly what you want right here
And for a limited time you can have it for free
If you surrender your mind to me

[The Dirigible]
All that I want is in your hands
I'll do whatever you tell me
Tell me what I want then sell it to me
I'm at your mercy

[The Showman]
Step behind the curtain
I'll show you wonders from your dreams made real
Just sign on the dotted line
You're gonna love the way you feel

[The Dirigible]
Am I a willing volunteer
for the fear
they engineer
to pour into our amenable ears
Oh no I
How could I abide
as they lied
and they lied
while the airship took to the sky

Step back
Don’t let them take you to the sky
Though all that I want is in your hands
Like a puppet on a string
This will is not my own

Take back the sky and burn it (x2)
Take back the sky and burn it to the ground
Take back the sky...

Step right up and lend me your ear
And their airship will fall from the sky

Behind the curtain
And above the clouds
They have always been watching
And we've always bowed (x3)

Their preachers are preaching
And their tendrils are reaching

Behind the curtain
And above the clouds
We will take back the sky
And we'll rule from the ground
And if they deny
the new kings that we've crowned
We will cut all their throats
So they won't make a sound
Track Name: Sacred
Ignite to a single flame
as our souls rise
never be the same

Can you feel the light surging through your heart
Ever nerve an ember glow
My hand, my mind
My breath is yours, within one flow

Now, bring me to my knees
Enslave me with desire
For all that which accompanies
Lighting this sacred fire

Now, bring me to my knees
With these flames alight my heart
Make me forget it could beat
Without you from the start

All other faces before you fade
With them all promises prior made

Now that we are one, is our identity the same?
When all is said and done, will I know my own name?

We burn as one desire
Become a timeless fire

All other faces before you fade
With them all promises prior made
Track Name: The Fall
Pray that your devoted forgives as you fall in line
Save your soul; deceptive the viper's inception of sinful pride
Hearing cautious voices pleading case
Clouded by the poison's tempting taste
Proud; deflect the debate
Fleeing the cautions from dangers you sought to replace
Shame a sacred vow has been broken, and it is damning us all
Ignoring words that were spoken to save us all
Save your soul
Chain your wrist
Binding the hand which sins, that you may resist
Save your soul
And when it comes to your first desire
How can you resist
Just one could condemn us all
Just one single kiss
A taste once forbade by you now reaches your lips,
And pierces the heart of the one who has come to love you
Track Name: Ridges
Fissured earth
Tremors of revelation
Cracking what I knew
Deserted mind
Canyon of realization
Fill this void with truth
Suddenly I'm of two minds
Am I a mirror or caught in between?
Between these segments I find that nothing's as it seems
Call out
Step across the great divide
Traverse the ridges of my mind
But what forms the other side?
In these walls what can I see?
Do I gaze into myself?
Is this another part of me?
Call out
Mimicked sound, not an echo
It moves . . . it moves with me
It moves with me
Calling out to my own reflection
Discovering that this mimicked sound
Is not an echo from my own lips
It moves, it moves, it moves with me
Call out
It moves with me, it moves with me
Fill this void with truth
Call out to my own reflection
It moves with me, cracking what I knew
Track Name: Born of Light
Light has been struck from my life
I suffer alone in silence
Darkness it veils this reflection
And I can bear it no more
Her memory alone sustains me no longer
My soul it is starved

My perception of life as binary in nature
My narrow mind a prison a curse that is worse than the fate that befell her
Her memory alone is not sufficient
What could I do to rejoin but for dying my self?

My mortal soul, it is bound to this realm
I can't address the problem without sacrificing my self

I will find a way

My love, lead the way to your light
Find me and you'll outshine the dark inside
Her mind and soul transcend with this shell love can breathe again
There's a likeness between these two,
Machine and man
Both can shelter the love you knew
Be still, my hand

Wake up
Wake up
Open your eyes

Light seeping through a new form
Clear and bright like a calm in the storm
The light that I once knew grows from inside her
An old soul born anew
Her eyes open like the first time

I see your face in a storm
Now, can it calm the forlorn heart?

What have you become?
Life has been struck down by your light
My eyes shut for the last time